CMS NDC-HCPCS Crosswalk File

The NDC-HCPCS Crosswalk file is available on the CMS website, however each facility/entity must download their own copy of the data and Hann's On Software cannot distribute this file. The file can be downloaded and opened in Excel, then saved into a comma-separated values file (CSV) and imported into your Ascend database. In order to import the file, please follow the steps listed below:

Download the file from the CMS website (, choose the most current Medicare Part B Drug Average Sales Price Pricing Files link.  Then, choose the most current ASP NDC-HCPC Crosswalk.   You must then accept the license agreement.

The file will likely be a zipped file so it first must be unzipped. The extracted file will likely be a XLS file with two sheets. Open the XLS file.

We only want three columns for the import: HCPCS, NDC and Billing Units. So delete all the top rows until the Header Row which is the row with the column descriptions. Also, delete all the columns other than the HCPCS, NDC and BillingUnits columns. So you should end up with Row 1 being the column headers, Column A being the HCPCS, Column B being the NDC and Column C being the Billing Units. It is critical that the columns be in this specific order.  The exact names of the columns may very slightly as they come from CMS.
Use the "Save As" function to save this worksheet as a comma separated CSV file, named  HCPCNDCCrosswalk.TXT on your Server, in the Ascend .NET\Update directory.  Save only the Active Sheet.  Then, click Yes to keep the comma-delimited format.

Note 1:  If you cannot save the file to the Server, you can save it to your local machine.   When you go to import the file, the default location Ascend looks is the Ascend .NET\Update folder.  You may change the folder to the one you saved it to.

Note 2:  Excel may insist on naming the file HCPCNDCCrosswalk.TXT.cvs.  You may need to rename this file manually.

In Ascend, go to Utilities / Interfaces / Import / CMS NDC-HCPCS Crosswalk for Medicare Part B. 

Select the HCPCNDCCrosswalk.TXT file that you just created.

Once the import has completed, verify a few records.