How To Update Ascend

Please read through these instructions before starting the update.

Updating the Ascend software involves two updates: updating the server software and updating the client software. All updates are downloaded from the Ascend Support website ( New software updates are typically posted on the website about once a month. These updates include software enhancements, fixes, new reports and labels, First Databank clinical data and database updates.

NOTE: In environments where workstation/user privileges are locked down and users cannot install updates, a local Admin/Power user will need to download and install the updates.

Updating The Server

The update is packaged into a single update file named Update.EXE. This file is posted on the website and will need to be downloaded and saved in the \Ascend\Update folder on the Ascend server.

Step 1: Download the update (UPDATE.EXE) from the website and save it in the Ascend\Update share folder. The UPDATE.EXE is a self-extracting file that contains the update files. You can download the latest update from within the Ascend software by going to Utilities...Updates...Download Update. If you have not already entered your Ascend website user id and password, you will need this before you can download the latest update.

Step 2: If you are downloading the update from within the Ascend application, then you should be prompted to unpack the update after the download has completed. If you are downloading from the website, then you will need to unpack the update by selecting Utilities...Updates...Unpack Update. Unpacking the UPDATE.EXE extracts all the update files into the Ascend\Update share folder. There may be over 200 files unpacked by this step.

Step 3: After unpacking the update, the software should prompt you to install the latest client version. If you are not prompted to install the latest Ascend client version, you can run the client software install/update by double-clicking on the file "client_setup.msi" in the Ascend\Update share folder. You will be prompted to select a folder to install the client. Make sure you select the same folder that the current Ascend is already installed into so the existing client configurations will be carried forward to the new Ascend client.

Step 4: After the install has completed, Ascend should start automatically but if it does not you can start Ascend by finding in your Start...Programs menu. If this is the first client that has installed the update, you should be prompted to start the server update. The server update performs any database changes, applies report changes, installs the latest First Databank updates, etc. When the server update has completed, the Ascend Login screen will appear. The file in the update folder, "update log.txt", contains all of the messages that were on the screen during the update. This file is appended each time the update is run.

Step 5: When other workstations attempt to login for the first time after the update, they will automatically be prompted to install the new client version. They should click OK.

NOTE: If you are updating a Citrix application server, also copy the CRUFLNET.DLL from the \Windows\Crystal folder into the \Windows\System32 folder.

Once completed, the UPDATE.EXE is renamed to LAST UPDATE.EXE in the Ascend\Update shared folder. If you need to run the update again, you can rename it back to UPDATE.EXE and start the process again.